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The Conejos River (rabbit in Spanish) is one of the principal rivers in Colorado's South San Juan Wilderness.  The river begins on the Continental Divide and flows easterly from the wilderness area approximately 90 miles through the town of Antonito (county seat) to join the Rio Grande River on its journey to the Gulf of Mexico. The Conejos River Basin with 550 miles of public river and lake fishing is easily the best kept secret in the West.  The Conejos is a five hour drive from major cities and very few fishermen choose the Conejos, but rather fish other rivers in Colorado like the Frying Pan, Roaring Fork, Colorado, San Juan, Green, North Platte River or the Gunnison.
The trout mix in the Conejos River is half rainbow and half German Brown.  The Lake Fork Ranch is surrounded by the Rio Grande National Forest and controls the motor access to the Lake Fork.  The trail up the Lake Fork is steep and narrow and is full of fallen timber, but a fisherman will be rewarded with rainbow, brown and the Rio Grande cutthroat trout (which are protected).  The Lake Fork is a "Wild Trout" water - flies and lures only - and the cutthroat must be released immediately.  The Conejos river basin is one of the most incredible fisheries in Colorado with its many tributaries starting above Platoro Lake (North Fork, Middle Fork and Rio Azul) below (Elk Creek, Lake Fork, Bear Creek, Saddle Creek, South Fork, Beaver Creek, Rough Creek, Manga Creek, Sheep Creek, Trail Creek and Bighorn Creek.  With the following high mountain lakes (Platoro Reservoir, Rock Lake, Big Lake, Tobacco Lake, Bear Lake, Twin Lakes, Timber Lake, Glacier Lake, Luguna Ruybal Lake, No Name Lake, Green Lake, Victoria Lake, Blue Lake, Aberjines Lake, Ruybalid Lake, Lost Lake, Empedrado Lake, Acascosa Lake, and Beaver Lake).  The area definitely provides a wonderful opportunity for all types of fly fishing.

Hunting, like the fishing around the Lake Fork is excellent for Elk and Deer.  Archery and black powder seasons start in August through September with rifle season running into November.  Horseback is the only way to hunt or fish in the mountains around the Lake Fork Ranch.