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Walden, Colorado   The Dunmore Ranch

A 160 acre Homestead completely surrounded by the Routt National Forest has been sold for $1.8 million dollars.  The ranch has a mile of the Michigan River and breathtaking vistas in every direction including the nearby Rocky Mountain National Park.  The Dunmore has been sold by the heirs of Edwin Morrison, former general superintendent of the Great Western Sugar Co. and widely known sportsman.
Mr. Morrison's mother was the former Elizabeth Proctor whose family founded Proctor and Gamble Co.  Mr. Morrison graduated as an honor student from Yale University's Sheffield Scientific School and was chief engineer for the Franklin Sugar Refinery in Philadelphia before moving to Ft. Collins, CO, in 1903.
The Dunmore Ranch was purchased one year after homesteaded and was named after the family's home in Ireland.  In the 1920', Morrison built a large hunting and fishing home that is still in use today.  He is also credited with driving the first automobile from Ft. Collins into North Park via Cameron Pass.
Mr. Morrison was considered one of the premier experts in the Colorado infant sugar beet industry.  An avid sportsman, Mr. Morrison, organized baseball, tennis and gold competitions in both Ft. Collins and Denver.  He was a leader in hunting and fishing organizations throughout the State.  He has a member of many technical societies, the Denver Country Club, Denver City Club and Mile High Duck Club near Denver.
The ranch has been in the same family ownership since homestead and cam to the current owner through family.  The purchaser is an undisclosed family trust from Chicago and plans to continue the private fishery and Moose Refuge.
Eddie Bohn of Eddie Bohn Real Estate, LLC, represented both the Buyer and Seller in the transaction.

The Jackson County Star

Thursday, July 26, 2001

$11,250 Per Acre Paid for Ranch

Dunmore Ranch Near Gould Sold for $1.8 Million

In what could be the highest price ever paid for ranch land in Jackson County, a 160-acre parcel near Gould sold for $1.8 million, or $11,250 per acre.
What is called the Dunmore Ranch was sold by the heirs of Edwin Morrison, who became rich in the sugar beet business in Colorado, to a family trust out of Chicago.
Eddie Bohn Real Estate LLC of Denver represented both the buyers and sellers in the deal.  Bohn said he couldn't disclose the buyers' identities at this time, but he said the planned to leave the land pretty much as it is. It could have been otherwise. Bohn said the land has been on the market for about 1 1/2  years, and several real estate developers looked at the possibility of cutting it into 40 building sites. However, the new owners want to leave the land in its current state, hay it and maybe pt it into a conservation easement.  "They want to preserve what's up there," Bohn said. What's up there is a section completely surrounded by the Routt National Forest and bisected by the south fork of the Michigan River.  The land is in a small valley with clears views of the surrounding mountains.  Several stands of timber dot the property.
Bohn said the asking price for the land - $2 million - discouraged developers.  And he added that one of the selling points was the existence of the Jackson County Airport, which has one-mile paved runway suitable for most planes.  Bohn said the buyers wanted to be able to fly in and out.
The Dunmore Ranch was homesteaded by Ben F. Waite in 1919.  Morrison bought it a year later.  Morrison's mother was the former Elizabeth Proctor, whose family founded Proctor and Gamble.
Morrison became one of the early experts in the sugar beet industry in Colorado.  He was an avid sportsman who organized baseball, tennis and golf tournaments in the Denver area.

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