Located near the Great Platte River Road, named for the mighty river that has been the natural route West since the Indians were the only travelers and perhaps even the dinosaurs, is the Kaufman Ranch. North of the Ranch is the Agate Fossil Bed National Monument. The next to travel the road were the Pioneers, in their covered wagons, guided by the Chimney Rock, Scottsbluff National Monument, Courthouse and Jail Rocks, all visible from the Kaufman Ranch. Nearby were the Mormon, Emigrant, Oregon and California Trails while the Sidney Deadwood Trail crossed the Ranch property. In 1975, oil tycoon, Dr. Armand Hammer (Occidental Petroleum) bought Ankony Angus. The Ankony headquarters was moved to Minatare, Nebraska, just South of the Kaufman Ranch. Dr. Hammer purchased the present day Kaufman Ranch as a private holding and not as a part of  Ankony. In 1990 Dr. Hammer died and new owners took over the stewardship of the Ranch.

Double Wide Manufactured Home and New Barn

Main Home completely remodeled

Double Wide Manufactured Home


Overlooking the Homes, Barns and center-pivot sprinklers from grass land

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